VIXIA First Edition Pre-order


Be among the first to have VIXIA in your bar, arcade or home!



Be among the first to have VIXIA in your bar, arcade or home! VIXIA is the first of a new generation of arcade machines that balance cost effective production with high quality components and gameplay.

This is a pre-order and is has a limited time price for being the first run of machines. VIXIA will begin to ship in Spring 2023.


  • “Easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay that merges ideas from pong, air hockey and tennis. Gameplay is intuitive to learn within seconds and has high attract rate due to ease of play. Multiplayer focus encourges rivalry and multiple plays.
  • Arcade exclusive gameplay – reliance of spinner controls and software exclusivity means the game will only be playable on the physical cabinet, driving players to visit your venue in order to play more.
  • Tabletop style cabinet with a small footprint. Detachable top board enables additional flexibility and easy transportation.
  • State of the art 27″ OLED display produces eye catching visuals.
  • Innovative hinge mechanism allows for easy access to internal electronics for easy repairs and maintenance.
  • Built-in software support for player login with stat tracking, achievements, and ranking for player retention. Built-in support for both local and online leaderboards at the state, country and global levels.
  • Free unlimited software updates with additional features and gameplay tuning over time.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 34 x 26 x 43 inches assembled
  • Weight: ~150 lbs
  • Power: Standard 120V outlet
  • Support: Online support available for 1 year after delivery
  • Refund policy: Refunds availble until shipping invoice payment is received. Please email us to arrange a refund.

Not Included

  • Shipping and Handling (you will receive an email with shipping options and an additional invoice after purchase.
  • Non-coin currency acceptors. Cabinet ships with a standard quarter coin acceptor. Please email us prior to shipping for additional options, including bill acceptors or custom integrations. Some options may require additional fees.

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